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Knowledge attained through quality education is the greatest power one can have. We believe education is a powerful instrument of change. It is the key to preparing students for global challenges.

Experiential Learning

Our curriculum focuses on experiential learning that simplifies complex concepts. It helps students to retain the concepts better.

Non-Academic Subjects

Non-academic subjects support the curriculum and provide a rich learning experience. We offer each child an opportunity to maximize their physical and mental potential.

Holistic Development

The learning process inspires the students to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects and hone their organizational, research, and communication skills.

Regular Assessments

The backbone of our learnt curriculum is assessments that require the child to apply new knowledge and skills practically.

Programmes Offered


We believe that Co-Curricular Activities reflect the academic curriculum, supporting the children to experience what they are learning in school. It helps in the development of various domains of personality such as intellectual, personal, social, and moral.



Spelling Bee

Indoor Activities

Outdoor Sports

School Clubs

At IGS, we aim to strengthen their learning by organizing activities based on the content taught in the classrooms. Through such activities, a platform is provided to the children to build up their confidence and showcase their unique talents and attributes.



Our Team

Kanchan Mittal

Mrs. Kanchan Mittal is a teacher’s daughter herself and there are two important lessons that she follows as the guiding principles for her work with children. While the first lesson guides her thought on “what needs to be done”, the second answers “why it should be done.”

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Shiv Mittal

Shiv is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary having over 25 years of experience in setting up businesses and scaling them up. Known in the profession as a pragmatic thinker and a dynamic leader.

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Anju Badhwar

It is my proud privilege to be a part of IpsaaGlobal Learning community, that has established a “Tradition of excellence” in honing the skills of the students to make them potential citizens of tomorrow.

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Arti Mohan
Head – Academics

Affectionate and charismatic, Arti comes with practical experience of working with children in a day-care. An expert in child behaviour, education, and all-round development, her balanced fortitude brings to ipsaa’s parent’s emotional strength.


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