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6 ways to raise a happy child – Parenting Guide

Ways to raise a happy child - parenting guide

Raising a child is the most difficult task in the world, but raising a happy and content child is even harder.
Parents want the best of everything for their children and want them to develop in a way that they have a
positive approach towards life, but there is no one way of raising a happy child like there is no one size
fits all. Like every child is different and special, so is the parenting style. It’s the decisions parents take
along the way that helps in the growth of their children.
Here are some tips that you can follow to try your best to raise a happy little individual:-
 Positive Reinforcement – Children look for validation at all times and their greatest moral support is
from their parents to differentiate between the right from wrong. Parents must appreciate their
children when they do something right, use positive enforcement to encourage the right behavior
in children but also discourage them from doing the wrong things because if they get used to
appreciation at all times it might be a problem when they grow up as this could cause motivation
related issues in them.
 Teach your child the value of Patience – The times that we live in today everything is available
at the snap of a finger, the need to satisfy everything at a moment’s notice is only making our
children more impatient. If their need to have their favorite toy is not fulfilled they feel sad and
dejected and this where they need to be taught about the value of patience and the benefits of
long term enjoyment. Everything takes its own time and for that they need to be calm and
 Encourage your child to form new relationships – While it’s easy for children to feel
comfortable with family and friends because they see their parents interacting with them on a
regular basis, it’s also important to encourage them to form bonds with acquaintances and
neighbors this would help build their confidence as well as their identity as they grow up.
 Teach your child to be kind – Children are very possessive of their family and friends just like
they are of their toys, room etc. It’s important to help them see there is more to life than just
themselves. By teaching them sharing, empathy and kindness towards others they will
experience a different kind of happiness, having these conversations with your child will also
develop his moral compass in the right way and will help him evolve as a happy child.
 Make your child independent – Some parents are overly protective about their children and
they are also termed as ‘helicopter parents’. This behavior can make the child excessively
dependent on their parents. Parents tend to stop their children from every little thing that
maybe wrong or may not have major consequences, but this hampers the growth and
development of the child as they can’t think independently or find it difficult to understand who
they are and what is their individuality when they grow up.
 Spend fun filled moments with your child – It’s important that parents participate in various
ways in their child’s life. Take interest in their favorite sport, games, friends, toys etc. This would
help nurture the bond that they share with you, strengthen it and build trust between you and
your child as they grow up, apart from the fact they will always cherish these memories and
hold onto them forever.

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