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student and teacher participating in creative task
Experiential Learning

Our curriculum focuses on experiential learning that simplifies complex ideas. Learning through concrete experiences helps children retain the concepts better.

Holistic Development

The learning process inspires the students to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects and hone their organizational, research, and communication skills. Equal emphasis is given to the individual and whole-group activities to ensure the holistic development of children.

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Non-Academic Subjects

Non-academic subjects also support the curriculum and provide a rich learning experience. We offer each child an opportunity to develop their physical, as well as mental potential through balanced activities. It boosts the child’s confidence and makes them competent to take part in a host of activities that stimulate mental and physical growth.

teacher and student
Regular Assessments

The backbone of our learnt curriculum is assessments, that require the child to apply new knowledge and skills practically. The learning objectives are clearly stated throughout the curriculum and help the child to achieve the outcomes as a result of the education.