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How to identify special learning needs in children under five.

special learning needs in children under 5

Children learn various skills during their formative years such as reading a book, playing with
blocks, or even doing math, some children are quick learners while others take a considerable
amount of time to learn them. There are also some children who have had appropriate learning
experiences but can’t keep up with their peers, it is important to identify these needs and how to
help the child overcome them.


So what is a learning disability? Learning disability is a term used to describe a range of learning
and thinking differences that affect the way the brain processes and sends information. Some
children have specific learning disabilities such as reading or math disabilities. Others may have
conditions that affect learning as a whole like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),
autism, or dyslexia. Regardless of what is the root cause of the learning disability in your child,
it’s important to recognize it and reach out for help as well as discuss these concerns with your
child’s teacher. Together you can ensure your child gets the help required to overcome these
Children may face delayed language development, trouble with speech, trouble with learning
concepts like shapes, colors, numbers, and alphabets, and rhyming words. They face difficulty in
coordination and short attention span. Some children also throw temper tantrums while trying to
There is no certain cure for learning disabilities but there are constructive ways in which teachers
and parents can work jointly to help a child overcome these and thrive in life. Talk to the child’s
pediatrician about their learning delays and struggles so that the condition contributing to the
same can be evaluated and analyzed. Screening and evaluation tests by teachers and therapists
can be conducted to identify problems and determine if early interventions or school-based
support can help.
In addition to working with your child’s teachers and doctors, parents can help support their child
with learning disabilities and difficulties by focusing on their strengths. Not all children are good
at academics some may be good at art, dance, music, or sport, helping them find their strengths
and encouraging them to focus on what they are good at would boost their self – esteem. Always
remember to praise them when they succeed at something. Your love and support would help
your child develop socio-emotional skills and in turn help build their confidence. Try to find
clubs, teams, and other activities for your child that focus on friendship and fun. Let your child
know that he is not alone in this journey and that there are other children who face the same
difficulty by taking them to support groups.
Parents should remember that children who learn and think differently can thrive in life with
early detection of their special needs and the right course of action and learning differently isn’t
tied to how smart your child is. Find your child the right school that provides an equal
opportunity to learn and grow with a fully functional SEN department like Ipsaa Global School.

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